Methodology & Approach

How we conduct business.

Methodology & Approach

PMD believes that a few experienced, senior bankers, as a team, are far more effective and provide faster, qualitatively superior analysis and advice than teams of junior bankers led by one senior manager, who is often not involved on a daily basis. All PMD senior staff have two or more decades of experience completing transactions in emerging markets.

PMD is not a broker-dealer and does not raise money for clients through public equity sales. PMD does not earn underwriting fees for public offerings and consequently does not push its clients to raise funds from any particular source. Similarly, PMD’s policy of relying on “word-of-mouth” referrals, without publicly advertising, enables PMD to fulfill the objectives of private clients without drawing unnecessary attention either to the clients or their businesses. PMD has found this combination of objectivity and discretion to be very much appreciated by owners of closely held companies and government clients.

Developing and implementing a transaction in an efficient, expeditious and successful manner, requires exceptional experience, seniority and knowledge of projects of this nature. PMD believes a few very experienced senior people, working discreetly and confidentially, are best able to secure and maintain the support of key senior government officials.


PMD brings together an experienced and technically qualified multi-national team of professionals to create and implement innovative financial solutions and to monitor and supervise transactions. The senior staff of PMD have extensive business experience in developing countries and emerging markets, major financial markets, OECD governments and financial institutions and multilateral organizations. The senior staff are known for detailed research, extensive local contacts and an in-depth understanding of local requirements. Associates with a range of corporate, government and investment banking backgrounds support the senior staff.

PMD project teams are structured as an “inverted pyramid”, typically with two senior bankers, an associate, an analyst, a technical specialist when appropriate and others as required. The two senior bankers provide backup for the client, support for each other and leadership for the team. Because PMD senior staff members have worked together for decades, there is common philosophy, approach and methodology.

Training and Technology Transfer

PMD is committed to training local staff and transferring technology to the greatest extent possible. PMD incorporates local staff into its team for the purpose of improving communication, coordination, training and technology transfer. If requested, PMD is pleased to provide seminars on a range of topics including BOT projects, financial analysis, modeling, country risk analysis, various specialized presentations, and other forms of technology transfer and training for middle and senior-level government staff.


PMD routinely handles confidential information provided by private and public sector sources. All information is handled with the utmost discretion and is limited to team members on a “need-to-know” basis. Documents are fully secured. All assignments are handled quietly, discreetly and efficiently. PMD does not advertise nor disclose assignments or client information without permission (if not already in the public domain).

Conflicts of Interest

PMD is exceptionally sensitive to issues that arise from conflicts of interest. As a privately- owned firm specializing in advisory services, PMD does not have the multiple, on-going banking or other financial relationships that larger international investment or commercial banks have with contractors, suppliers and others.